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Witte Barskamp KG News

Cutting clamping time

Horst Witte Gerätebau Barskamp e.K.

Cutting clamping time

Vacuum clamping systems of Witte Bleckede, manufacturer of different fixturing systems, are available in various versions, shapes and dimensions. Compared to conventional clamping methods they enable substantial time savings because clamping and releasing of work pieces takes place in just a few seconds. In this case a very fragile, instable aluminum plate was machined on a grid-type vacuum chuck. Clamping and machining time using conventional methods took 4-5 hours in an effort to position the part accurately and clamp it without deformation taking place. The time required was reduced to 20 minutes using a vacuum clamping system.

The 500x500mm large aluminum workpiece was clamped using a vacuum grid chuck 500x800mm. These chucks are particularly suitable for clamping parts with simple geometrical forms. They can be used for heavy manufacturing processes such as milling, grinding or turning.

500x500 mm Aluminium part being machined while clamped on a vacuum grid chuck

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