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Witte Barskamp KG News

Vacuum clamping XXL

Vacuum clamping XXL
Stamp it!

Witte Bleckede, manufacturer of different workpiece clamping systems, are particular specialists for developing vacuum clamping solutions for difficult applications.

One of Witte's latest challenges was designing and manufacturing a complex clamping unit destined as a component of a gantry machine i.e. a large size CNC milling machine with a bridge which moves in X-axis. The equipment includes a 2x7 meter large vacuum area, which is divided into 32 automatically monitored, individually switchable sections. An hydraulic stamp is integrated into a bridge type system above the clamping chuck, which presses the aluminum sheets down segment by segment onto the chuck. The vacuum areas are sequentially activated as the stamp progresses along the sheets.

The stamp can start at any position and press down sheets up to 16mm thickness. The number of stamp processes depends on the size of the part and is programmed individually. The entire unit including complete electronic cabinet is integrated into a milling machine.

The stamp unit is moved and positioned by a moveable bridge (gantry) across the vacuum area.

The whole unit is 9,6 meters long and 3,4 meters wide.

For further information please contact:
Horst Witte Gerätebau Barskamp e.K., Horndorfer Weg 26, D-21354 Bleckede,
Phone: +49 / 58 54 / 89-0, Fax: 89-40, www.horst-witte.de, info@horst-witte.de

Press/PR: Maren Röding, Phone: +49 / 58 54 / 89-47 or +65 6248 5980 (Singapur),
Email: maren.roeding@horst-witte.de

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Witte Barskamp KG
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