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Binhu Mechanical & Electrical


Wuhan Binhu Mechanical & electrical Co.,Ltd
West Fifth Road,Huazhong University of Science and Technology,Luo Yu Road 1037
430074 Wuhan,Hubei
+86 27 87557818

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About us

Wuhan Binhu Mechanical & Electrical Co. Ltd., located in Optics Valley of China, Wuhan, is a high-tech company which is organized by Shenzhen Innovation Investment Company. It relies on Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing Center of Huazhong University of Science & Technology. The company produces RP systems, such as HRP(Laminated Object Manufacturing), HRPS(Selective Laser Sintering), HRPL(Stereo Lithography Apparatus), HRPM(Selective Laser Melting).

In 2013, the company successfully developed the world's first four lasers selective laser sintering equipment which has a big forming space of 1.4m*1.4m. This means our selective laser sintering technology is a world leading level.

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