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Assfalg Products
Assfalg GmbH
Twist drill sharpening machines

EDG 213 | EDG 1226

42769, 10212
The handy drill grinders are ideal for grinding HSS- and HM-spiral drills. Dueto the adjustable point angles from 90° to 140°, this model can be universallyused. Easy handling and their effi ciency make these machines a real winner inthe fi eld of drill grinding.


- Grinding and top thinning of HSS- and HM-spiral drills


- Diamond grinding disk


- Good handling thanks to easy and practical design
- Top thinning and regrinding of drills by specially guided collet chucks
- With back taper for perfect withshaping the cross cutter
- Universally adjustable point angle
- Durable grinding disk

Delivery contents

- Allen key 4 mm
- Allen key 5 mm (for EDG 213)
- Allen key 6 mm (for EDG 1226)
- Spring pin ((for EDG 1226)
- CBN grinding disk
- Collet set
- Tool holder
- Operating instructions
  • EDG 213 Application 2
  • EDG 213 Application 3
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