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AEC Excellence Awards 2019 Call for Entries Now Open

May 2019
Author: Nicolas Mangon
Company: Autodesk GmbH
AEC Excellence Awards 2019 Call for Entries Now Open Now in its eighth year, the AEC Excellence Awards competition—co-sponsored by Autodesk, Construction Dive, SmartCities Dive, and Informed Infrastructure —is an incredible way to honor the AEC (architecture, engineering, and ... more

"Natural" Robots and New Approaches to Work

January 2018
Author: Mouncey Ferguson
Company: Autodesk GmbH
New ways for robotic muscles to work? New ways for a workshop to work? Here are some stories that caught our attention this week.

BUILD it and they will come. Ideas come in, companies come out. See what’s happening in the ... more

Thai Museum Digitizing Artefacts

January 2018
Author: Pinchian Oong
Company: Autodesk GmbH
Thai Museum Digitizing Artefacts Reality Capture technology can breathe new life into seemingly obsolete artefacts, transporting them from archaic to timeless.
In a race against time to preserve its ancient Thai culture and history, the National Discovery Museum ... more

Modeling Paradise – Bali’s Green Village

August 2017
Author: Autodesk Team
Company: Autodesk GmbH
Modeling Paradise – Bali’s Green Village LiDAR, drones, and other high-tech tools help create the first digital models of the stunning bamboo structures in Bali’s Green Village.

Shaan Hurley and Brett Casson awoke in Bali’s Green Village not really knowing what to ... more

Autodesk Maintenance Changes

March 2017
Author: REDAKTION-05
Company: Autodesk GmbH
Autodesk Maintenance Changes Autodesk recently began communicating with our maintenance customers about pricing changes and an offer available over the next three years that makes switching to subscription a far more attractive option for many.
But, as ... more