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Best cutting technology for the fabrication of steel structures

April 2021
Company: BLM GROUP
Best cutting technology for the fabrication of steel structures

The steel construction sector demands radical changes in the processes used to cut H, C and IPE type tubes and profiles and to prepare them for successive fabrication steps. There is an increased demand to construct ultra-modern structures. The ever-increasing complexity of forms and requirement of esthetically appealing appearances present a growing fabrication challenge. This modern trend is also seen in residential buildings. Additional aspects of the modern trend are eco-sustainability and the need to complete the projects in shorter time frames to reduce costs.

These developments are driving these sectors towards an increasing use of steel and complex joineries between various structural components like tubes and profiles. Steel structures enable advantages in form, design flexibility and function today and into future due to their sturdiness and appealing appearance.

The increased use of steel requires the preparation of precisely manufactured individual components off-site for quick and cost-effective assembly on-site. Key advantages of off-site steel part and assembly manufacturing and preparation: 

  1. Reduced on-site time and workload
  2. Reduction of project time-lines and relative cost savings
  3. Pproductivity and efficiency
  4. Process automation
  5. Easy creation of innovative designs

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