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BLM GROUP for education

November 2022
Company: BLM GROUP
BLM GROUP for education

Training and innovation are keys to the future 

As a high-tech company, we live off new ideas, innovation and training.With our commitment to the training of new recruits, education and research, with our partners, we want to reawaken the passion for technology to prepare a better future.

We promote and organize internships and vocational courses. During the curricular internships, interns are followed by the company mentors day-by-day for continual on-the-job training. Alongside these activities, participating students are asked to develop school projects or dissertations. The BLM GROUP Human Resources department coordinates the recruitment, selection, management and development of secondary school graduates and university graduates. We organize company presentations, lectures and Career Days at several schools and universities to attract the best talents to our company. 

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