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Bucher Hydraulics News

Bucher Hydraulics – Gold Partner in Project Hyperloop

Zoom from Zurich to Geneva in 15 minutes? Or even to Berlin in just 40 minutes? This is what students at the ETH are working towards with our support.

Hyperloop is a concept for a high-speed passenger transport system that will be driven electrically by solar power and reach cruising speeds of up to 1125 km/h (700 mph). The concept is similar to that of the Transrapid, with the Hyperloop transport capsules being transported through a heavily evacuated tube – rather like a pneumatic-tube mail system – on air cushions or with an electromagnetic levitation system. According to entrepreneur Elon Musk, for distances of up to 1500 km (almost 1000 miles) it will be possible to travel significantly faster than by plane and also more cheaply than by train.

Bucher Hydraulics is a leading manufacturer of innovative solutions in the field of hydraulic systems , and partnering the Swissloop team in the Hyperloop project from the initial ideas about the hydraulic braking system right through to the finished design is a core issue for the company.

Decades of experience and know-how in the area of extremely fast and precise on/off hydraulic valves enabled us to design a fail-safe solution for the Swissloop hydraulic braking system. An example of pursuing our mission to satisfy the highest functional demands with customised designs and to support customers through all the phases of a project as a reliable and very able partner.

We are particularly pleased  to be able to support the Swissloop team in the race for the Hyperloop competition, and we're keeping our fingers crossed for the final sprint!

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Responsible for the content of this press release: Bucher Hydraulics GmbH


Bucher Hydraulics GmbH
Industriestrasse 1
79771 Klettgau
+49 7742 852-0
+49 7742 71 16

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