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Buffalo Machinery

About us

A Smart Machining Technology & Industry 4.0 Device Provider


Buffalo Machinery Co., Ltd.
No.56, Lane 318, Desheng Road
428-46 Daya District, Taichung City
+886 4 2560-3759
+886 4 2560-3769

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About Buffalo Machinery

Buffalo is one of the fastest-growing machine tool manufacturing companies in Taiwan. Located in Taichung, a global cluster in the industry, it produces quality machines with excellent customer service.

The company was founded in 1979 by Dr. Paul Chang as a trading export company. In the 90´s Buffalo started its own mechatronics R&D department, then the electrical assembly line and by 1997, in cooperation with European engineers, the complete machine was developed and assembled in our own new production facilities.

Our earlier experience gave us a better understanding of the customers’ and suppliers’ needs, which helped us exceed customers’ expectations. Buffalo has ingrained the "Quality and service build our business" culture through sustainable management and product innovation policies.

Buffalo supplies a wide range of products, divided into two brands. MICROCUT, the original brand since 1983, covers most of the product lines and aims to deliver quality machines at competitive prices focusing on the relationship with the dealer and the end-user. AXILE, launched during TIMTOS show in 2017, is conceived to cover the premium market of 3X and 5X high-speed vertical machining centers, with a focus on technology and performance.

Buffalo Machinery is a pioneer in applying mechatronics. We patented the SMT -Smart Machining Technology-, a set of systems using the techniques of monitoring and compensation to improve accuracy and productivity. By embracing Industrie 4.0 technologies, we are now developing functions to upgrade reliability and predict service requirement to avoid downtime.

Europe and North America represent our major markets but we are extending our sales in Russia, South America and Asia for the sustainable development of the company. In 2015, we expanded operations with MICROCUT Europe, a service center and warehouse of machines and spare parts for the European market, to shorten delivery time and improve service response.

In 2016, for the first time ever in the machine tool industry, Buffalo received the 1st Taiwan Excellence Service Award and the 24th Taiwan Excellence Gold Award for MCG-5X which is a 5-axis machining center. Buffalo is embarked in its 8-year plan to become the major high-tech manufacturer in Taiwan and a global provider of premium machines and turnkey services in 2023.
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