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AXILE 5-Axis Mill-Turn Machines for Multitasking

AXILE G8 MT and G6 MT are “mill-turn” version of 5-axis VMC. Both machines feature a swivelling-rotary table with the turning and milling functions. The multitasking function helps users minimize multiple setups and the chance of error in the clamping.


The structure of G8 MT and G6 MT is made by Meehanite casting, it is said to offer optimal damping machining vibrations and homogeneous thermal behavior. G8 MT is equipped with Ø800mm table which can handle large size workpieces with weighing 850 kg in turning and 1,200 kg in milling. The turning speed can reach to 1,000 rpm. While G6 MT with Ø 600mm table is the medium size VMC, which can handle workpieces weighing 350 kg in turning and 500 kg in milling. And the maximum turning speed can reach to 1,500 rpm.


A manual balancing system is embedded in the table, and it can be monitored from the additional screen located on top of the control panel. With the balancing system, mill-turn machines can reach better surface finishing and longer tool life. Considering the safety, reinforced windows on the doors are adapted to follow turning machines standards.


AXILE G8 MT and G6 MT are capable of turning and milling function. Both satisfy the demands of the aerospace, defense, and energy industries to produce complicated parts and finish cylindrical applications.

Watch more, G6 MT Machining Video

Feel free to contact sales@axilemachine.com to know more about MT machines.

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