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AXILE G6 Robot – Get ready for automation production

Nowadays, manufacturers are looking for more automation solution to increase productivity and reduce production time. Consequently, AXILE has launched 5-axis machining center, G6 Robot to help manufacturers reach automation production.


The design concept of G6 Robot is based on a 2-axis robot system that can handle up to 20 pallets and loading from 31kg up to 280kg. 8, 10, 16 and 20 pallets are freely selected by end-users to better meet their production requirements. Meanwhile, AXILE also considers the importance of efficiency. The loading station is designed at rear of machine for operators to load and unload workpiece while G6 Robot is doing machining at the front. Once it has finished machining process, the back shutter will open to access the 2-pallet carriage. In seconds, a new pallet with raw material is precisely located in the table and ready to start work again while the operator is checking the finished part at back of the machine. G6 Robot successfully supports manufacturers diminish non-productive time and enhance production. 


AXILE G6 Robot is an ideal investment for manufacturers looking for efficient automation production. For more information please visit https://www.axilemachine.com/product.php?id=10 or contact sales@axilemachine.com



AXILE G6 Series to boost your productivity

AXILE extended the structure of G6 and developed 3 different machine concepts to meet various industrial demands, which are G6 Standard, G6 Compact for floor space-saving, G6 APC for automation and G6 MT for mill-turn function.

G6 Robot @Instagram

The photo shows the clear structure of Robot System on G6 Robot. 

AXILE G6 5-axis machining video 

Have a look at G6 machining process. With built-in spindle of 15,000 or 20,000 rpm, G6 offers high-speed machining and 600mm diameter table with up to 600 kg loading capacity.

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