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AXILE Machine News

Agile Smart Machining

AXILE V Series High-Speed Vertical Machining Center

AXILE V series offers high-speed 3-axis vertical machining center. Three axes are equipped with linear guideways to reach best high-feed movement and vibration damping, ball type on V4 and roller type on V5, V6 and V7. The main structure is made by Meehanite licensed casting with stress released to ensure stability and homogeneous thermal behaviour. Meanwhile, it is equipped with oversized axis servo-motors to avoid belts, gears or Z-axis counterbalance in the driving system, ensuring the best surface quality and dynamic response in intricate shapes. 


V series covers different workpiece capacities, starting with V4 with 600 by 400 mm (23.62" × 15.75") X- and Y-axis travels, the V5 with 800 by 500 mm (31.50" × 19.7"), the V6 with 1,050 by 600 mm (41.34" × 23.62") and the bigger V7 with 1,200 by 730 mm (47.24" × 28.74"). It accommodates loads ranging up to 1,000 kg (2,205 lbs). 


Carousel 32-tool capacity magazine is standard, while chain 40-tool magazine is optional. Also, users can select a high-end control to ensure a smooth integration, from Heidenhain TNC 640, Siemens 840 sl to Fanuc 31iB. AXILE V series offers superb accuracy and high-speed performance for medical applications, aerospace and die & mold industries.

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