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Use AXILE G8 for Moldmaking

The die and mold industry is facing a more flexible and dynamic marketplace. To keep competitive, the mold maker must enhance mold quality and decrease production time and cost. AXILE G8 is a 5-axis vertical machining center that features the high-accuracy machining ability. It is a great choice for mold makers to produce high-quality molds.

Mold quality directly affects product quality and yield rate. This is why mold makers are looking more precision machining solution, and the answer is G8, a 5-axis machining center. Traditionally, the 3-axis machining center moves the workpiece in two directions only, and the tool will move upwards and downwards. By contrast, with additional A-axis and C-axis, namely swiveling and rotary axis, G8 allows cutting tool to approach the part from all directions. Due to this feature, G8 offers better machining versatility than a 3-axis machine. In terms of five-side simultaneous machining, mold makers can use G8 to reduce several setups and ensures positioning accuracy, and consequently improve mold quality.

To help mold makers produce more high-quality molds to meet customers’ expectation, G8 is ready to install ART™ System. It is a smart monitoring system for AXILE machines to optimize production with high reliability, energy efficiency and production control. Having G8 and ART™ System will be a plus in the mold making area. 

For more information please visit https://www.axilemachine.com/product.php?id=1 or contact sales@axilemachine.com 

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G8 - Product information

X/Y/Z axis: 670/820/600 mm

Built-in spindle: 20,000 rpm

Feedrate: 60/60/60 m/min

Max. table load: 1300 kg

Table diameter: 800 mm

Swiveling axis A: ±120°

Rotary axis C: 360°

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