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Agile Smart Machining

Your Automation Solution – ART™ System

The functions of awards winning smart monitoring ART System has been received patents in the EU, USA, Russia, Taiwan, Korea, and China.  The major purposes of this smart monitoring ART System are the wearing components monitoring, components lifetime estimation, and machine energy monitoring which will facilitate the machines to work 24/7 without unexpected downtime and to ensure that the machines are always ready when need.  When the ART System connects with users’ intelligent ERP or IT system which will automatically send the requests to users’ suppliers for re-stocking and in-time service arrangement without any delay.  The visual data platform of ART System is ready for the users to check the status of the connected machine at any time and any location.  In the meantime, the setup of ART System follows OPC-UA client-server communication and as one of the partners of VDW umati (universal machine tool interface) which allows clients to connect AXILE ART System integrative machine tool to customer-specific IT infrastructures and ecosystems without any difficulty. The ART System is definitely one of the best solutions for sales and management.

Buffalo Machinery strongly recommends the AXILE users especially in the aerospace industry and automation production line to apply the ART System which will assist customers in sales, management and service efficiently.

For further information, please contact the sales team at sales@axilemachine.com

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