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About us

CondaCam is a software for CNC machine programming. The development goal for CondaCam was to develop an inexpensive 3D-CAM software, which provides a maximum of 2D/3D machining possibilities for CNC machining with affordable acquisition costs.

CondaCam automatically generates 3-axis simultaneous toolpaths using 3D-CAD models (e.g. IGES). With a total of 24 machining strategies, CondaCam offers a wide range of machining options. With key features, such as residual material recognition, arbitrary limitation of machining areas, roughing according to arbitrary blank shapes, the user has flexible design options available for automatic tool path calculation.

For tool path generation, CondaCam uses a process that is exclusively used with high-end CAM software. This feature guarantees the highest precision and shape accuracy of the generated toolpaths.

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