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High feed with high versatility

2017-11-22 13:17 | 194 calls
We have launched an economical range of high feed cutters and inserts for productive machining of a wide variety of materials.

The versatile Pramet SBN10 cutters are suitable for copy milling, ramping, helical interpolation, slotting and plunging. Its unique pocket design can also carry inserts for shoulder and face milling, offering a complete package for mold and die applications, from roughing to finishing.

To support this addition, we have introduced an assortment of BNGX10 inserts for high feed roughing. The patented double sided insert with four cutting edges provides an economical and versatile option.

Its design makes it suitable for high feed roughing even with long overhang, while being compatible with three geometries covering most machined materials. Geometry M is for steels and cast irons, MM for low carbon steels, stainless steels and super alloys, while HM is suitable for hardened steel.


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