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durcrete GmbH
Am Renngraben 7
65549 Limburg / Lahn
+49 6431 5840376
+49 6431 5840377

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Represented in 4 Product categories

Parts and components
Mechanical components
Beds and parts of machines in polymer concrete
Hard rock machine frames
Materials & semifinished products
Polymer concrete
Other materials
Hard rock

About us

durcrete is specialist for vibration damping machine bed made of Ultra High Performance concrete UHPC.

durcrete sells complete machine beds made of Nanodur-Concrete. The material is a mixture of the cement-based binder Nanodur with aggregates, liquid additives and water. It is processed in a specialized prefab plant and pourd into moulds. It hardens without heat supply and is removed from the mould after one day.

For sandwich structures and retrofitting durcrete offers the casting compound durfill. The product is a ready mixture of the binder Nanodur with oven-dry aggregates and additives and is supplied in bags or in silos. Locally dufill is simply mixed with water and pumped into the steel construction.

Type of Company
Manufacturer, Dealer
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