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EROWA has been following a straightforward corporate policy ever since it was established. Starting out as a small business in tool and mold making, we have meanwhile become a globally operating organization for the development, production, consultation and distribution of modern manufacturing technology.

EROWA is a word made up of the initial letters of the German terms for EDM, tool-making and automation, and this word describes the course that was set and has been pursued ever since the company was set up in 1970. In 1983, the first universal tooling system for tool and mold making was patented and launched on the market. In 1987, we presented the first Robot for the automatic loading/unloading of workpieces and electrodes. These products have undergone consistent further development.

Today, we have an universal, complete gamut of products ranging from tooling systems to automation facilities and process control software for the entire chip-cutting metal industry. In 1989, we introduced the still valid and often quoted four-step manufacturing concept or FMC for short. By defining the individual steps in the optimization of manufacturing, we succeeded in both winning over the users‘ appreciation and the machine producers‘ acceptance of our products.
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