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FANUC at the EMO 2017 in Hanover

If there is a topic at EMO that has news value then it is certainly the FIELD System (FANUC Intelligent Edge Link and Drive System). Hosting an open platform for advanced analysis and deep learning applications to meet your production needs. FANUC presents technologies related to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and the "Industry 4.0" for the entire spectrum of manufacturing automation and the FANUC product range. FIELD will have to be open to all machines involved in the production process and FANUC fulfils this requirement in that third-party products will be connected easily. FANUC itself also uses proprietary interfaces for its own products such as ROBODRILL, ROBOCUT, Laser and Robots (which have held the operational reliability at very high levels so far) but will also support third-party controls, robots or sensors. At this year’s EMO, a live network of over 150 machines, demonstrates the strength and capability of the FIELD network with current data presented on a central monitor.

Intelligent Production by AI and Deep Learning in machine tools and robots

Artificial Intelligence
plays a major role in all areas and an implementation of this will be demonstrated at EMO. The Surface Flaw Inspection by Machine Learning Demo is a concept where a CR-7iA robot presents a work piece to a camera in multiple orientations while images are processed and decisions made upon the results.

Preventive maintenance and worldwide networking by FIELD and Zero Down Time

The operation management software "MT-Linki" is used in machine tools with FANUC CNC controls. With the FIELD technology, "MT-Linki" collects and monitors machine-tool data, monitors and analyses their vital functions and recognises production and machine problems at an early stage to take timely preventative maintenance measures.

The "Zero Down Time" (ZDT) technology is already being used at present in FANUC robots worldwide. With ZDT FANUC provides its customers with a tool that enables them to operate their production without interruption and in a cost-efficient manner using FANUC robots. The automotive industry boasts the largest ZDT network with more than 10,000 robots across 27 countries being monitored to prevent downtime.

Easy to use and powerful technology support

The focus for FANUC in the area of CNC traditionally lies on two main areas: ease of use and high-performance technology support. The new iHMI is already a milestone especially with regard to the ease of use. The user interface equipped with touch functionality makes operations easier, more intuitive and easier to recognise. Supporting functions are sensibly stored and easily accessible, including the user manual that is directly available via the help button.
In addition, a new commissioning tool prevents wrong settings. Other algorithms optimise settings for reinforcements and filter of servo control circuits on request by pressing a key.

Powerful technology support provides "Fine Surface Technology", a group of functions with which surface quality can be improved during the milling machining process. In addition, the new feature "Smooth Tolerance Control +" improves smoothing of the tool paths and thus leads to better surfaces.

The integration of laser functions in the standard CNC series 30i/31iBas an option is new. Until now, a dedicated laser control from FANUC was required for these functions. With the integration of these functions, a precisely synchronized combination of laser machining with conventional techniques such as turning or milling on one machine is now easily realised with the FANUC CNC.

The versatile wire eroding machine

The new ROBOCUT α-C800iB will be presented for the first time at the EMO. The top model of wire eroding machines from FANUC is suitable for workpieces with 1250 mm (X) x 975 mm (Y) x 500 mm (Z) of up to 3000 kg. The FANUC ROBOCUT α-CiB machines work with the CNC series 31i-WB with touch screen and the new interface iHMI. The "W" in the name of the control specifically indicates the control version for wire eroding machines (wire EDM machine). The ROBOCUT-Linki Software comes with a completely new, user-friendly interface. With this software, the operator can retrieve the status of the machine in real time. A "Quick Start-Up package", in short QSP, is used for the simple integration of a robot for loading and unloading operations.

Flexible drilling, milling and tapping

With over 200,000 units, the ROBODRILL is one of the success stories of FANUC. Different versions of the new series of α-DiB will be shown in Hanover. The ROBODRILL, optimized in many ways, in the first place offers a larger working space, CNC and up to date servo technology, and the usual reliability and availability. All versions have a control panel with iHMI. The "ROBODRILL-Linki" operating software continuously monitors the machine, and records work data. The automatic machine monitoring should reduce unforeseen downtime to a minimum.

Machine tool with nanometre accuracy

FANUC ROBONANO α-NMiA defines the boundaries of previously imagined precision. For illustration: A nanometre is a 1 - millionth of a millimetre. FANUC ROBONANO mills and turns with a precision of 200nm and better to 0.2 thousandths of a millimetre exactly. Its drives can even position precisely to 0.1nm. Visible light has a wavelength of 380nm (violet), to 780nm (red). Therefore, FANUC ROBONANO is used for the manufacture of innovative optical components, for example, can produce an optical lens with a diameter of 3mm and a shape accuracy of PV 52nm (0.052µm = 0.000052mm) as well as a surface roughness of 1.3nm. FANUC ROBONANO α-NMiA is suitable for milling, turning, marking of workpieces of up to 280mm in length and is already being used in information technology today, medical technology and the production of lenses for Smartphone cameras.

From the smallest to the most powerful robot in the world

Robots – and they are not few at the FANUC stand – will be the optical attractions at the EMO, especially the family of Collaborative Robots. Meanwhile, the series includes models with a 4 kg payload up to the strongest industry-capable Collaborative Robot, the CR-35iAwith an unprecedented 35 kg payload load. Multiple practical applications will be exhibited at the EMO, in which a CR-7iA/Lloads and unloads a ROBODRILL. Mounted on an automated guided vehicle (AVG), the 7-kg payload robot represents a mobile, collaborative loading and unloading unit. Moreover, the "Hand Guidance Function" will be exhibited, a system for the movement and programming of a Collaborative Robot. This method of teaching robots makes it easy to guide the robot manually by means of motion trajectories. It also provides the flexibility of intervening manually in robot programs.

The M-2000iA/1700L presented at the EMO, underlines FANUC's reputation as a technology leader. It is one of the strongest articulated robots ever and it performs handling tasks with a precision that is amazing for heavy-duty robots.

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