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FANUC introduces its new cleanroom robot

FANUC is introducing its newest, special white paint, cleanroom robot M-20iB/25C in December. This robot has been developed based on the standard model M-20iB/25. Due to its mechanical design, its excellent workmanship, its high-end finish and the high FANUC robot availability, this robot is destined for the usage in cleanroom environments or for 2nd-Food areas.

The new M-20iB/25C has a payload of 25 kg and a maximum reach of 1.853 mm. The excellent characteristics of this model range are based on the entirely encapsulated, slim design and high dynamics. Induced by the encapsulated construction, the protection class IP67 had already been reached by the basic model M-20iA/25C. Through further developments of the mechanical unit and additional, constructive measures, the cleanroom robot M-20iB/25C has been tested and classified with the cleanroom class ISO 4.*

Weather cleanroom, food-applications, normal handling of work pieces or the adoption in pharmaceutical areas, in connection with the high availability of FANUC Software Options, all areas of automation are covered and therefore qualify the robot to nearly perform all applications. The high robot protection class has no negative influence on the robot motion performance and the throughput of the robot. Duty cycle tests as well as a comparison of the achieved throughput of the M-20iB/25C with the standard model have shown that while handling the same payloads, identical cycle times are reached, regarding both robot models. In the case of position repeatability, both models achieve ± 0.023 mm.

The capabilities of the M-20iB/25C by far extend the cleanroom applications. Since this robot model’s axis J#1 – J#6 are equipped with food grade lubricant by default, it is applicable to a compact work cell in the 2nd-Food or pharmaceutical area without further modifications or optimizations. Compact palletizing cells, the pre-grouping of food on a conveyor belt or the direct packaging of boxes does not pose any issues. The programming does not differ from other FANUC robots.

Besides, FANUC offers the possibility of dipping-tests, in order to examine and evaluate the compatibility with customer-specific cleaners.

*ISO class to be confirmed

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