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Fastems Systems GmbH Blog

The math of cutting tool management - Level 2

September 2020
Author: Fastems
Company: Fastems Systems GmbH
The math of cutting tool management - Level 2

Level 2 - no scrap or spindle crashes due to wrong tool offsets

“T6345; 51.003mm; 23.475mm; 27.634mm; 24.30min”. A Post-it note reminds the machine shop operator which cutting tool offsets to put into the machine tool. The operator does this typically tens of times per day. After every use, each cutting tool needs to be remeasured and if a mistake has been made, wrong tool offsets can cause either scrap parts or in the worst case, a spindle crash.
Luckily, mistakes happen rarely, right?

Let's take also in this blog post an example calculation on how many times a year the operator needs to input a lengthy series of numbers and possible risk errors:

A company has 4 machine tools.

Each runs 6,000 hours a year.
= 24,000 machining hours a year

On average, there are 4 hourly tool changes per machine.
= 96,000 tool changes a year

There is a 1% chance of error (960 errors), of which 1% are critical causing a spindle crash.
= 1 spindle crash

So, what would be the cost of 960 lost parts, including the reworking time?
How about a spindle crash?

Read the full blog post and learn more about the second level in implementing best practice in tool management, not only saving valuable time by presetting tools, but also avoiding scrap and spindle collisions.