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With major steps towards Industry 4.0

Hainbuch receives award from Allianz Industry 4.0 from the State of Baden-Württemberg

The two buzz words »Industry« and »4.0« are now everywhere and they have become a major part of media offerings. In the areas of technical progress, digitalization and the networking of manufacturing, Hainbuch plays a leading role. Some years ago, with programming tools, Hainbuch took its first steps in the direction of remote access to manufacturing data. And thus provided greater transparency and dispensed with process steps via direct output of drawings. But recently Hainbuch has implemented two production solutions, i.e. network solutions that have been honored by the Allianz Industry 4.0
Baden-Württemberg organization with the award »100 locations with Industry 4.0 in Baden-Württemberg«.

Crowned with an award

Last Wednesday, State Secretary Peter Hofelich honored the winners of the third round in the »100 Locations with Industry 4.0 in Baden-Württemberg« competition. A total of 21 companies have successfully implemented Industry 4.0 in their day-to-day work and they have received awards. Hainbuch had two solutions on hand. Not only do they offer significant savings to the clamping device manufacturer, but also to the customers who benefit from these solutions. »The third round of the competition also shows that Baden-Württemberg's small and medium-sized businesses are getting better and better in the areas of Industry 4.0 and Digitalization. The State Baden-Württemberg is a strong location for innovation and business.
The prize should make good ideas even better known and should also motivate other companies and institutions to become active in Industry 4.0«, stated State Secretary Peter Hofelich. »The solutions that have been introduced show: that Baden-Württemberg companies are playing a key role in the context of Industry 4.0«, emphasized Dr. Dietrich Birk, CEO of the VDMA Baden-Württemberg State Association »The numerous applications confirm that our companies are driving digitalization forward with major efforts. Machinery and engineering suppliers are the major resources for intelligent investments of innovative technology.

Allianz Industry 4.0 Baden-Württemberg

The Allianz Industry 4.0 was founded by the initiative of Nils Schmid Minister of Finance and Economy. The objective of the Alliance is to bundle the competences of production technology, as well as communication technology, to network all essential players, and to accompany the industrial small medium-sized business in a support role towards Industry 4.0 through innovative transfer offerings. Presiding spokesmen of the Allianz Industry 4.0 Baden-Württemberg are Dr. Manfred Wittenstein [Supervisory Board of Wittenstein AG] and Professor Thomas Bauernhansl [Institute Director of Fraunhofer IPA].


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