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Air-beared roundtable

Torquemotor ITM 240

- energy efficient due to low losses
- completely ready for use in a housing ready for installation
- Hollow shaft for media feed-through
- Convection cooling
- integrated measuring system
- tested according to EG 73/23/EWG, EN50178 and EN60204

Advantages of the torque motor iTM
- high torques from speed 0
- Small installation space, since no gearbox is required
- backlash-free, robust, maintenance-free and smooth running

- absolute measuring system with BISS-C protocol
- Clamping plate made of die-cast aluminium,Ø 250 mm and Ø 500 mm

Application areas
- Swivel axes
- Rotary indexing plate
- Measurement technology
- Positioning
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Torque motors ITM 180
Torque motors ITM 180
Air-beared roundtable
isel Germany AG
Air-beared roundtable
Torque motors ITM 180
267401 0xxx
The drives are made at aluminuim die-cast housing with an aluminum die-cast plate, a hollow shaft of steel with two ball bearings, a magnetic ring with coil package as well as an incremental or absolute magnetic measuring system. The nominal voltage is 48 V or 310 V and can be controlled with corresponding output stages.

The Direct-Drive Rotary motors are ideally suited for turning units and rotaring / swivel units.

Motor sizes L 199 x W 188 x H 92 mm with hollow shaft Ø 45 mm
Max. axle load / radial load 3100 N max. speed 155 rpm.
peak torque iTM 180 30 Nm (48 V) and 55 Nm (320 V)
Measurement system incremental or absolute max. resolution 3440000 and or 20 Bit (1048576)

Die-cast aluminum clamping plate Ø 250 mm and Ø 500 mm
Connecting angle made form die cast aluminum for iTM 180
48V and 320V output stages suitable for Direct-Drive Rotary motors
Connection cable, 3m length with connector (mixed Sub-D)

- Clamping plate made of die-cast aluminium Ø 250 mm and Ø 500 mm
- Connection bracket made of die-cast aluminium for iTM 180
- Output stages for torque motor with 48V and 320V
- Connection cable length 3 m with plug connection (mixed Sub-D)

Delivery time 5 weeks
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