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Step Milling Cutter FP 853

Innovative step milling cutter type FP 853 for an especially economic roughing and finishing machining qualified for steel, stainless steel and cast iron.

This new step milling cutter generation satisfies on the one hand by the 6 effective edges (reversible insert “3 to 6”) per insert and on the other hand by the soft cutting manner, generated the by effectively positive rake angle.

Thanks to the positive-negative entangled clearance angles on the insert’s circumference, an optimal and almost vibration-free insert seat is granted; the negative setting of the inserts ensures an especially stable insert seat. Provided that the FP 853 is a precision ground insert with a highly positive chip breaker, a high precision and surface quality is obtained on the work piece.

The step milling cutter Type 853 allows an axial depth of cut of up to 8 mm, with a cutting speed of up to 350 m/min and feed rate per tooth of up to 0,35 mm.

Thanks to the three different carbide grades all usual steels high grade steels, cast iron as well as hard-to-machine materials can be machined.
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