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KAPP GmbH & Co. KG


KAPP GmbH & Co. KG
Callenberger Straße 52
96450 Coburg
+49 9561 866-0
+49 9561 866-1003

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Machine tools 2
Grinding machines 2
Gear cutting and finishing machines
Precision tools & clamping technology 1
Abrasive tools and products 1
Metrology & quality assurance 1
Measuring instruments
Measuring machines 1
Services 1


  • Johannes Hoehn new Service Manager
    30.01.2018 03:22
    Johannes Hoehn receives promotion to Service Manager, effective January 1st, 2018 with Michael Kapp returning to KAPP NILES Germany, filling the positon as Management ...

About us

KAPP NILES produces machines for the gear technology, which are used for the machining of e.g. gears and shafts. As a global operating company KAPP NILES has subsidiaries in USA, Brazil, China and a joint venture in Japan. Gears count to the most important components of transmissions, which are used in various industry sectors, like for example automotive and engineering. The requirements for the manufacturing of gears by means of the KAPP NILES machines for gear technology are steadily increasing. To meet these requirements, we are continuously working on further development of our machines.
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