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Krebs & Riedel Schleifscheibenfabrik


Krebs & Riedel Schleifscheibenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG
Bremer Straße 44
34385 Bad Karlshafen
+49 5672 184-0
+49 5672 184-218

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About us

Krebs & Riedelis a family owned company and has been in operation in Bad Karlshafen since 1895. With over 190 dedicated employees and an annual turnover of €21 million is one of Germany’s leading manufacturers of advanced grinding wheels.
An export share of approx. 40% demonstrates the international orientation of our company with exports being a major part of our sales programme. 

Products include conventional grinding and cutting wheels using corundum and silicon carbide abrasives. 
Superabrasive (CBN and diamond) tools with a vitrified bond have been manufactured with ever rapidly growing sales since 1985.