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Two Hand Safety Valve Series SAFE AIR
Zweihand Sicherheitskonsole
Two-hand trip guard
Metal Work Deutschland GmbH
Two-hand trip guards
The two hand safety valve generates an output signal only if two synchronised pneumatic input signals are received. If one input signal is interrupted, the output signal is interrupted as well. The most common application involves connecting a manual button-controlled valve to each of the inputs and using the output signal as a start-of-cycle control for a pneumatically-operated machine.
? The two hand safety valve can be secured with through screws or a DIN bar adaptor.
? The complete pushbutton panel includes the dual manual control valve, two manual pushbuttons, and an emergency stop valve, all housed in a metal box to be mounted on a wall or stand.
? The pushbutton housing is supplied on request for anyone wishing to get a personalised pneumatic connection or drill holes to secure the unit.
  • Two hand safety valve safe air
  • Two hand safety valve safe air
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