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Master theses and projects –hand-in-hand with ModuleWorks

October 2020
Author: ModuleWorks
Company: ModuleWorks GmbH
Master theses and projects –hand-in-hand with ModuleWorks

Our valued employee, German Frikel, has successfully completed his master's degree and we are totally thrilled about the great #success of his master’s thesis. The topic was "#Development of an optimized path planning method for robot-assisted #3D printing". He wrote a #postprocessor that transfers the position towards which our #robot approaches directly from the #CAM system to the robot. In addition, he developed three new strategies for additive #manufacturing which allow us to produce more complex components - the focus was on building complex geometries without support structures. His contact at ModuleWorks, Lothar Glasmacher, Head of Additive & Process Technologies, and his professor, Dr Chunrong Yuan, were very satisfied with his performance in this project.