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MPDV Mikrolab News

Role change in the system communication

The new Factory Collaboration Hub is now available for communication between third-party systems and MPDV systems

We have in production a multitude of systems. Those who previously wanted to exchange information between the MES HYDRA and its third-party systems used the MPDV service interface.

The Service Interface works according to the Request & Response principle, which means that the third-party system puts down a question and the MPDV system answers. That enables users to request the status of a machine or to inform themselves on the order progress. With the new Factory Collaboration Hub from MPDV, the third-party system now receives this information automatically.

All systems on one level of knowledge

The Factory Collaboration Hub works according to the Publish & Subscribe principle. This means that the third-party system subscribes to the message channel of the MPDV system and receives all information from this point in time without having to send a request.

The advantage: thanks to the continuous exchange of information, the third-party system is always kept at the same level of knowledge as HYDRA and can react immediately if necessary. The Factory Collaboration Hub is particularly suitable for automation control in production, for connecting information displays that show the status of production in real time, or for operating several MES systems.

Two ways, one destination

Both solutions fulfill their task to supply third-party systems with information. Depending on the application, one or the other communication strategy may be more suitable. Always focused on how up-to-date the information required by the third-party system needs to be. The key factor here is whether information from the third-party system should also be fed into the MPDV system. If so, then the service interface is more suitable, as only one system supports communication in both directions. Both options can also be combined.

MPDV offers both the Service Interface and the Factory Collaboration Hub for the MES HYDRA and the Manufacturing Integration Platform (MIP). Both functions underline the openness of MPDV's IT solutions.


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