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Cooling and Temperature Control Solutions

technotrans AG
Central cooling systems



Stable humidity and temperature are a fundamental requirement for the production of high-quality products, especially when it comes to repeat jobs. Heat sources have a negative effect on the fragile balance between relative humidity and temperature. In order to counter this effect, water-cooled
peripheral units are widely used these days. Based on 40 years of development and project experience, technotrans ensures the reliable supply of these units with cooling water. The productivity in the production area increases continuously.

Water cooling has been the standard method for motors in automotive engineering for a long time. However, water can also absorb the waste heat of the machine and withdraw it from the production area. Compared to air cooling, water cooling requires only small pipe cross-sections for a high level of
performance, which is due to the special physical characteristics of water.

The cooling of highly precise machines is indispensable these days owing to their power density. Studies show, for example, that the cooling of drive motors and cooling lubricants accounts for up to 50 % of the total power input. One major cause: every machine has its own cooling system, thereby representing an isolated supply point. Our solution: a central system combines these isolated supply points in a cluster and aligns the capacity reserves by way of a superordinate intelligent control system.

The selection of the cooling method should always be based on the requirements of the components in
need of cooling and on the climatic conditions on site. In general, free cooling is the method of choice. This method does not require any refrigeration unit and is characterised by particularly low operating costs and high reliability. Special applications requiring a constant water temperature make use of water chillers.

Water chillers with air-cooled condensers and a compact design for outdoor set-up are used for the cooling water supply with a feed flow temperature between 6 and 20 °C and outdoor temperatures up
to 45 °C. An integrated buffer tank and circulation pumps eliminate the need for a separate pump cabinet.

Available with cooling capacities from 25 kW up to 150 kW, with hermetically sealed scroll-type or semi-hermetical reciprocating piston compressors, various cooling agents, different sound pressure
levels and more options. A combination system with integrated free cooling enables annual energy cost savings between 40 and 60 %, depending on the desired cooling water temperature and
the climate on site. technotrans recooling systems are being used throughout the world. Benefit from our experience and the reliability of our proven technology.

technotrans will find the optimum solution for your specific application.
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