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United Grinding Group Management AG
Reversible carbide tip grinding machines


EWAG INSERT LINE - new standards that set a high bar! Precise, productive and quality.

INSERT LINE represents a new class of performance in the scope of grinding of indexable inserts. Latest drive and control technology and high speed machining HSM, reversible cutting plates grinding with the circumference of the wheel for the first time becomes reality. In cooperation with the EWAG grinding software ProGrind HSM is a line contact between insert and grinding wheel. The resulting low contact surface significantly reduces the friction and the thermal load of the contact zone. At the same time improves the supply of cooling lubricant. Overall, this a very high removal rate, an improved surface finish as well as a better edge chipping, so ideal for maximum turning cutting plates grinding arise.

• 4-axis-scale grinding machine
• Vibration-steamy Granitan ® machine bed
• Hydrostatic guide in X - and Z - axis with direct drives
• Rotary axes B, C with torque direct drives
• Volume production of indexable inserts
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