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Walter Tools Blog

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NEW Products 2022

October 2022
Author: WalterTools
Company: Walter AG
NEW Products 2022


Metal is our world, so get to know our masterpieces of metal cutting in the following weeks! 

The more difficult the market environment, the more important are solutions with which you can master any challenge. With the current innovations, we present you tool solutions and technologies that are benchmarks throughout the industry.

Experience these new tools: 

- DB131 / DB133 Supreme solid carbide drills

- Xtra·tec® XT M5137 shoulder milling cutter

- MD265 Supreme & MC268 Advance solid carbide milling cutter

- MD340 & MD344 SUpreme solid carbide milling cutter

- CBN Grade WBH20C 

- FW4 / MW4 Wiper Geometries 

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