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COMPLETE - The complete machining magazin

Dear customers and readers,

„Nothing is more constant than change“ – Charles Darwin. Thisis the quote that appears on the opposite page of our new customer magazine „COMPLETE – The complete machining magazin“.

The world is characterised by constant change. Over the last few years in particular, the fact that the intensity of this change is increasing has been something none of us can avoid. Be it innovations in software and machine technology, production methods or materials. Everything is changing, and much more quickly than before.

At WFL we have set ourselves the goal of identifying changes quickly, and above all, proactively, so that you can always count on us as a strong partner in the field of complete machining.

In the first edition of our customer magazine „COMPLETE – The complete machining magazin“, we would like to give you a better understanding of WFL Millturn Technologies. Our customers are our biggest asset. With  "COMPLETE“, we would like to fill you with „complete“ confidence in WFL, as well as providing you with insights into our products, technologies and the wider sector. Lastly, we also want to connect you with Austria as your partner country.

We are amongst the world‘s leading companies in machine tool construction. For this reason, it is important that we have a solid foundation in training and know-how. More than 30 years of experience provides us with unique opportunities to tailor multifunctional machines perfectly to every individual customer.

Special requirements need special solutions. We have developed a modular machine concept for such challenging requirements, meaning that we have become a pioneer in complete machining.

With „COMPLETE – The complete machining magazin“, we look forward to keeping you updated on all manner of company, technological and machining news!

The WFL management team

Download your free copy here:

COMPLETE - The complete machinig magazin

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