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ICOtronic – Intelligent, precise and secure

Similar to a receptor cell in the human body that senses various external influences, the ICOtronic tool from WFL also picks up on the slightest of stimuli. Incorporating real-time data communication and integrating sensors in the tool accommodation not only optimises milling processes, but also increases the productivity of the machine. Direct communication between machine and tool significantly simplifies the workflow, while at the same time reducing associated costs and downtimes. From process monitoring and parameter optimisation, all the way up to real-time control of speed and feed rates, all data can also be visualised and processed accordingly via the machine control system. Impressively high process stability and data security, whereby the data is only saved on the machine, round off this overall package. A large number of options and scope for optimised processes are now on offer with the ICOtronic tool.

  • Autonomous process optimisation
  • Real-time capable data communication
  • Optimised milling processes
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced costs
  • Tools can be used for longer
  • Direct communication from machine to tool
  • Reduced downtimes
  • Data security (process data is only stored on the machine)
  • Process stability
  • Wireless digital data transfer
  • OPC UA communication-enabled
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