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The M20 MILLTURN is the latest addition to WFL's product portfolio and appeals to customer segments that are looking for a compact and powerful complete machining centre. Special features include the high stability of the machine as well as the integrated motor spindle concept for demanding machining technologies.

In 2020, WFL has manifested decades of expertise in complete machining in a machine that has been entirely redeveloped in terms of its design and technology. "Smart machining" is at the heart of the technological innovations at WFL, bringing about an increase in performance thanks to the most diverse range of machining technologies. The range of applications covered by the M20 is almost infinite, capable of carrying out the demanding and complex machining tasks found in the aviation, automotive, engineering and plastics industries.

A particular highlight is the innovative design of the machine. The M20 MILLTURN has a one piece, straight-lined appearance, with a modern, functional design. The continuous front made from hardened glass features an integrated display of performance data as well a sliding window to the tool magazine. The machine's fresh appearance is further supported by its new colouring. Optimum ergonomics as well as convenient, user-friendly operation round off the unique design.

The small machine for every task

When developing the M20 MILLTURN, the objective was to introduce a compact and rigid machine designed for long-term accuracy. With a length of 5500 mm, a depth of 3190 mm and a height of 2500 mm, the M20 is ideal for machining the most diverse range of workpieces. The M20 is a machine model with a 250 mm or 315 mm chuck diameter, with an impressive X-axis travel of 575 mm (+475; -100), Y-axis travel of 260 mm (±130) and Z-axis travel of 1250 mm. The machine is suitable for machining workpieces up to Ø 500 mm and is equipped with a powerful 44 kW (32) main spindle at 40% (100%) duty cycle and 4000 rpm. The M20 is equipped with a B-axis and a swivel range of ±120° for unlimited contour machining, as well as with the new 20,000 rpm milling spindle. This means that there is a universal range of possible applications for the use of high-speed tools. The motor spindle system is designed as a compact cartridge assembly with housing flange interface.

The machine frame is made from spheroidal graphite, which is extremely strong and guarantees excellent damping characteristics. Thanks to the construction of the machine, which incorporates vibration-absorbent cast components that offer optimum rigidity, even the heavy cuts that are required during machining are carried out without vibration. Large spaces between the guide rails and trolleys on the slide guides also guarantee a high degree of system rigidity.

The configuration of the machine allows for a wide range of possibilities: from a pure complete machining centre with steady rest and tailstock, as a counter spindle machine with tool turret or an individual tool holder at the bottom, as well as an optional integrated workpiece handling system.

Tool management & automation

The tool magazine can hold max. 40 or optionally 80 tools with HSK-63 or PSC63 (Capto C6) accommodation. The maximum tool weight is 10 kg and the maximum tool diameter is 90 mm (adjacent) or 130 mm (non-adjacent). In addition, the lower compound slide with tool turret can hold 12-24 tools. If necessary, the machine can be equipped with a bar feeder. A particular highlight is the automatic tool change into the lower individual tool holder with B-axis. This makes it possible to set up the tools parallel to machining time and then automatically access tools in the magazine. Stored tools can therefore be placed in the upper and lower tool holder. The internal coolant supply to the tool holders takes place at max. 80 bar.

Based on the customer’s specific needs, different automation options are available for automatic workpiece loading and unloading. An integrated workpiece handling and/or loading system, which can be added on the right side of the machine, represents a completely new variant of automation. The main guide rail for the handling system runs into the working area from the right. The gripper slide moves on the guide piston and can load and unload workpieces in this way. The workpieces are stored on a strip accumulator.

Huge variety for every application

The integrated motor spindle concept as a fundamental of the machine turns high dynamics into a reality. The M20 is perfectly suited to universal and demanding machining processes. The X travel at -100 mm beneath the centerline also opens up new opportunities for complete machining. A drill pattern with a circumference up to a diameter of 200 mm can be drilled by moving the XY coordinates, without moving the workpiece. The two B-axis systems in the machine also offer undreamed-of possibilities for machining thin-walled, funnel-shaped turbine parts. The simultaneous B-axis turning is extremely useful here. The interpolating NC-driven B-axis is also suitable for turning with a pivoting B-axis. Thanks to the continuous adjustment of the setting angle during the cut, a complex contour (e.g. for turbine wheels or piston heads for large diesel engines) that would normally require multiple tools can be produced in a single cut. This reduces on the number of turning tools required and produces a seamless machining result.

New operator panel with modern design

For the controls, WFL relies on Siemens technology, namely the 840D sl. The control interface is visualised on a touchscreen. One of the many aspects that determine the performance of complete machining centres is the potential of the control system. The IPC 477E Industrial Flat Panels are ideally suited for use as screens and boast fast response times for instantaneous screen updates. The innovative multitouch variant with widescreen 24 inch front in 16:9 format and Full HD (1920 x 1080) is installed on the M20 MILLTURN.

Another special characteristic is the fact that the display can be divided and various programs can be displayed on multiple sub-sites. This allows functions such as WFL iControl process monitoring, graphics, programs, statistics and real-time data to be displayed in parallel. All of this results in optimized performance. The CrashGuard, CrashGuard Studio and Millturn PRO programs can be displayed in the header bar in a clearly structured way. The window below this is used to display information on axis loads, tools, the CrashGuard Viewer, axis movements in real time and much more. This provides operators with a large number of options for monitoring their manufacturing process.

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