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M30 MILLTURN, the smart alternative

Who would have thought it? A genuine complete machining centre from WFL reasonably priced. The new M30 MILLTURN is also a cost-effective solution for less complex or smaller applications. In fact, this new machine model is aimed precisely at those tasks. At the world’s leading metalworking trade fair, the EMO in Hanover, which will take place from 18 – 23 September, you will be able to view live demonstrations of a diverse range of MILLTURN models, including the new M30-G MILLTURN.


M30 MILLTURN – a powerhouse with 20 kW milling power

We have succeeded in creating a new, economical model on the basis of the hitherto smallest MILLTURN, the M35.

This was made possible by the synergy effect with the existing M35 MILLTURN as well as by concentrating on especially typical configurations that are series produced, independently of the order. Not only does the customer benefit from a significant saving in terms of cost, they also benefit from fully perfected machine technology.

"The new MILLTURN will be celebrating its world première at the EMO in Hanover," said Martin Kaukal, Sales Manager at WFL Millturn Technologies, before going on to explain that “With the new M30 MILLTURN, which is able to tackle machining lengths of up to 2,000 mm and turning diameters of up of 520 mm, we are offering the ideal entry model at a bargain price, starting at a really good price.”


Design innovations

With the M30 MILLTURN, the focus is on detailed improvements to the design of various machine components and further increases in reliability. Thanks to the diverse range of innovations and modernisations in the areas of functionality, ergonomics and optimised serviceability, the smallest WFL MILLTURN is a powerful complete machining package that is available at a very attractive price.

The machine casing has been equipped with 50% larger discs to ensure optimum visibility of the working area. Special attention has also been paid to improved, user-friendly access to the tool magazine (from the front via the large sliding window). Another advantage is a state-of-the-art robust NC drive for the steady rest slide. An optimised machine base guarantees quick set-up and repositioning of the machine.

User-friendliness has also not been neglected: within the working area, integrated LED lamps provide improved and, above all, long-lasting lighting.

There are several general innovations in terms of “improved serviceability”: e.g. the extendible hydraulics unit, which provides easy access. Simplified serviceability is also ensured by a “stand-alone” cooling unit, the newly-constructed guide rail covers and the improved access to the tool magazine.


Intelligent boring bar

The EMO would not be the same without the presentation of a diverse range of innovative technologies. The focus at this year’s EMO will therefore be on internal machining technologies. As part of this, testing was carried out in collaboration with Sandvik Coromant, into the use of an “intelligent tool” on the M120 MILLTURN. In the light of the ever-increasing importance of networking, a live demonstration of the functionality of the intelligent 18xD CoroPlus boring bar will be provided.

The boring bar will be integrated into a special WFL prismatic tool holder, which includes a data interface. Thanks to the innovative CoroPlus technology, technological information and tool statuses can be transmitted to the control system or a tablet. During processing, the machine operator is therefore provided with information regarding temperature, deviations, background noises, vibrations and the load on the tool. In this way, the chip removal process can be perfectly optimised, protecting both tool and workpiece from damage. In addition, the complete process can be logged in full. This technology is typically used in the aviation industry, for example in the manufacturing of drive shafts, or generally in the machining of long, slim workpieces.


Scanning measuring probe

The M40 MILLTURN / 3000 mm makes use of new measuring and testing technology from BLUM-Novotest. The machining of large, heavy and complex workpieces poses significant challenges for measuring systems. With the integrated TC63-DIGILOG measuring probe, digital measurements and analogue scanning processes can be carried out directly on the machine. Analogue measurements are especially useful for the evaluation of surfaces or contours (e.g. checking of the surface of a workpiece for machining errors). With a switching digital probe, on the other hand, a large number of points would need to be measured in such cases to ensure that adequate resolution is achieved.

However, the new analogue probe makes use of “scanning” to generate thousands of measurement values in a fraction of the time. With the TC63-DIGILOG, quick measurements of up to 2 m/min are possible with complete accuracy. At the EMO, features such as fully-automated roundness, run-out and axial run-out measurements will be demonstrated on the M40 MILLTURN.


The array of innovations demonstrated by WFL at this year’s EMO, under the motto “Showing EMOtions”, leaves nothing to be desired.


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