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Structure-borne sound sensors for bevel detection

The WFL structure-borne sound measurement uses a well-tried technique from the 19th century. The depth sounder has many similarities with today's hydroacoustics, which measures water sound waves and in the frequency range of 10Hz to 1MHz evaluates or makes digitally readable.
The variably adjustable fluid sensor is mounted next to the dressing station and is aligned with the workpiece surface. Upon contact with the grinding wheel, the sound is registered and thus a grinding over the frequency and amplitude detected. In this case, therefore, blank cuts or air cuts are avoided, thus saving time. This connection detection is possible in several longitudinal positions on the workpiece by e.g. Cylindricity error from the pre-processing early to recognize. With this simple but effective method, you get a top production control, shorter cycle times, and above all, you save on total costs and increase process reliability.

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