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Title successfully defended at the AMB in Stuttgart

At the AMB 2018, which takes place from September 18 to 22, WFL proves to be the leader in technologies once again. The Austrian company presents its tremendous progress by dealing with different topics concerning Industry 4.0, such as the new WFL Data Analyzer or the brand new version of CrashGuard Studio featuring worm programming and simulation. But that is not the end of the story. The actual highlight of the show is the presentation of the M30‑G MILLTURN and the new generation of the M50 MILLTURN with a bigger centre distance and increased performance. The innovative and optional 6000mm centre distance enables WFL to offer efficient options for the machining of long and lean shaft parts. The special emphasis of the product presentation lies on the maximum machine performance.                                                                                  

Stark contrast and increased performance

The M30 MILLTURN, which is known to be a “small power pack” (20kW milling power), clearly contrasts with the new M50 MILLTURN. The M30 MILLTURN already pays off with less complex applications and is the most cost-efficient model of the MILLTURN series. The remake of the M50 MILLTURN, which masters turning diameters up to 670mm, is completely different: Besides the additional centre distance options with 6000mm, the advanced and well-proven machine concept of the M50 MILLTURN is adapted with visual and ergonomic finishing touches.

Fifty per cent bigger viewing windows and a horizontal magazine window, which is very easy to handle, contribute to the new design of the machine. Furthermore, a M50-G MILLTURN with a counter spindle is available for the first time ever. Combining the M50‑G MILLTURN with a turret or an additional machining unit, enables machining on both main spindles at the same time. Not only the M50 MILLTURN, but also the M50‑G MILLTURN is offered with the following centre distances: 1000mm, 2000mm, 3000mm, 4500mm and 6000mm.

Optimized design and ergonomics

As far as the M50 MILLTURN is concerned, the focus is on detail improvements of various machine components as well as further increases in reliability.  Special attention has been paid to improved and user-friendly access to the standard tool magazine, which is now accessible from the front via the generously dimensioned viewing windows. Moreover, the enlarged viewing windows in the sliding doors allow for improved overview of the working area. Especially bright LED lamps, which are similar to daylight, are installed within the working area of the basic machine as standard.

Enhanced functionality

There is a separate pick-up magazine for very long and/or heavy tools. Work pieces with a length up to 1600mm can be used and changed automatically. Even though the disc magazine can be enhanced up to 200 stations recently, all tool stations can still be accessed directly. Furthermore, new and particularly reliable optical sensors have been installed within the tool magazine for monitoring the tool stations.


Focus on Industry 4.0

The enormous variety in the field of industrial production enables each and every customer to prepare perfectly for the automated future. The WFL Data Analyzer allows for a perfect overview over the whole manufacturing chain. The calculation of essential key figures, such as machine and process data, as well as productivity and availability data give crucial impetus for optimising the production.

Moreover, an upgrade of CrashGuard Studio, an in-house simulation and programming software, will be presented. The software allows for pre-verification of NC programs on the computer and comfortable programming using a programming editor. The newest innovation consists in the possibility of programming channel geometries for worms.

Another software highlight is the MILLTURN PRO, an easy-to-understand programming editor with graphics support. First and foremost, it can be used directly on the machine control unit, but is also available as a PC version. By using MILLTURN PRO, NC programs can be created efficiently and easily.

The spectrum of gear cutting – FLANX

In order to meet increasing quality requirements, profile correctness and the search for flexible machining solutions, the topic “FLANX gearing solutions” has been worked on anew. Due to high material removal rates, flexibility in machining and in-process measurement, WFL’s MILLTURNs are excellently suited for the manufacturing of gears, pinions and gear cutting of shafts. Intelligent software solutions supporting various machining operations allow for efficient and easy manufacturing of the required gearings.

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