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The benefits of additive manufacturing in a MILLTURN are particularly evident in the fabrication of complex geometries that are difficult or impossible to manufacture using conventional manufacturing techniques. Due to the five interpolating axes of the MILLTURN machines, the diode laser, which is equipped with a power of 10kW, can be swiveled over a wide range and can also process freeform surfaces. The application head consists of a nozzle, through which the metal powder particles are transported in a focused manner to the application site. A protective gas prevents oxidation processes and serves as a carrier and transport medium. Depending on the application nozzle, material can be applied horizontally.

In addition, it is possible to achieve different effects through the different nozzles geometries and powder combinations. For structures that protrude from the workpiece, can be dispensed with oversized blanks, whereby a reduction in metal removal rates is achieved. This saves machining time, reduces tool costs and it can continue without chipping with the machining. The key to productive work lies in the understanding of the overall process, which WFL is constantly pushing ahead with ongoing research.

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