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WFL Retro-Fit Solutions

In the era of fast-paced development and progress, quality and innovative solutions stand the test of time. WFL‘s second-hand machines are proof of this – even after several years of use, they demonstrate a very high level of competitiveness. Like with the new machines, WFL offers unique options with regard to quality and customer care.

A MILLTURN of WFL is always a product with highest quality standards. Concerning the second-hand machines, WFL ensures that the machines are in top condition before delivery to the customer. As with the new machines, WFL offers an overall concept with advice, technology support, commissioning, training, etc. as required. A premium PRE-OWNED WFL MILLTURN therefore represents an interesting alternative, if additional capacity is needed at short notice or the budget for a new MILLTURN is not enough.

Decades of dedicated use lead to machine and equipment wear and therefore to loss of relative performance. To limit this loss, WFL offers regular upgrades and services. Thanks to regular servicing of the MILLTURN, customers benefit from a significant increase in performance and service life. The cost of a refurbished MILLTURN, compared to a new machine, is also something to take into account. With the full WFL package, our highly skilled technicians will ensure that you always get the most out of your MILLTURN. Once the second-hand machines arrive at WFL, they are subjected to a general overhaul. First, the machine is cleaned and thoroughly tested in terms of accuracy and functionality. If all checks are passed, the machine receives a „CERTIFIED“ certificate.

The MILLTURNs are only offered for sale once they have been approved by the WFL technicians. What is more, WFL also offers customised second-hand machines. From over-hauls and conversions to additional technological features, everything is possible.

The increased focus on WFL‘s second-hand machines over the last two years clearly shows that there is a lot of interest in the market. The customer satisfaction with the delivered machines and comprehensive project support has resulted in very good feedback and a high customer satisfaction. WFL always stocks a number of high quality second-hand machines. For further information about the machines, refer to: www.wfl.at/extended-solutions/retro-fit-solutions

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