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Computers and peripherals

Software protection and licensing

Protection technology for software and digital documents
Software protection and licensing
CodeMeter® protection technology from Wibu-Systems offers secure protection and effective license control for software and digital documents. At the core of CodeMeter® is secure copy protection hardware.

CodeMeter is the universal technology for software publishers and intelligent device manufacturers, upon which all solutions from Wibu-Systems are built. CodeMeter combines the following applications:

• Protection
You want to protect the software you have developed against piracy and reverse engineering.

• Licensing
You want to license your software as safely and easily as possible, which includes crucial aspects like the creation of flexible licensing models, the integration of their delivery, and the management of their complete lifecycle with your existing backoffice systems.

• Security
You want to safeguard your users against tampering and attacks from third parties.

If your needs match even one of these points, CodeMeter is the optimal technology for you.
  • CodeMeter Manifesto DE
  • CodeMeter Manifesto EN
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