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Perfection in Protection, Licensing, and Security

Wibu-Systems, the global specialist in software security

2016-07-14 13:54 | 41 calls
Wibu-Systems is a world leading powerhouse in software protection, software licensing and software security.

In a world powered by the Internet of Things, all systems are interconnected to increase performance and optimize costs. As you move fast into a smart world, you need effective measures to prevent cyber-attacks. The answer is nothing but CodeMeter.

CodeMeter from Wibu-Systems offers integrity and tamper protection, authenticity verification and data encryption. It is available for all the leading embedded and PLC systems, and supports an unparalleled range of secure elements, like ASIC chips, trusted platform modules, memory cards, and USB sticks.

With CodeMeter Software Development Kit, you get a complete ready-to-use security solution. Request it now at http://www.wibu.com/cms, and start monetizing your software immediately.

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