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ZCC Cutting Tools Videos

Take off with zFlex: Easy assembly - the key to success

2023-01-17 12:00 | 23 calls
The tutorial will guide you through the correct assembly of your Modular Grooving System zFlex® by ZCC Cutting Tools Europe.

In our video we are using the following zFlex® components:

1. Base tool holder: VDI40 (neutral version) ZF.0.1.3.A
2. Base cartridge: ZF.1.1.R.EC
3. Primary cartridge: ZF.2.1.G.R27.EC
4. Double sided grooving insert: ZTGD0404-MG YB9320

Additional details about zFlex: https://www.zccct-europe.com/wp-conte...

Spare parts used:

1. Screws: ZF.1.M5x25
2. Seal: ZF.1.S.0
3. Screws: ZF.2.M6x28
4. Clamp: ZF.0.C.0

Assembly tools used:

1. Allen key: WH40L
2. Sloky® Torque Screwdriver: T-handle 0-TPK-H03-R / torque adapter 0-TPK-A20-5.0 / allen bit size H04.0



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