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AMF crowns its anniversary year with another record turnover

February 2016
Company: Andreas Maier GmbH & Co. KG (AMF)
AMF crowns its anniversary year with another record turnover

In 2015, the anniversary year in which the family company celebrated 125 years of its existence, the company from Fellbach in Germany achieved a turnover of some 42 million euros.

With another rise in its turnover of around five percent, Andreas Maier GmbH & Co. KG (AMF) exceeded once again the record of the previous year.

Thanks to growth of around five percent to virtually 42 million euros, the family company not only exceeded the record figure of the previous year, but also crowned its anniversary celebrations.

In addition once again to the gratifying development of innovative products in all areas of workpiece clamping technology and automation of machining centres, there was also a surprise in 2015 in AMF's key business sector of locks, which similarly recorded growth of five percent.

Magnet and vacuum clamping technology grew disproportionately with a turnover that doubled. "Here it is evident that production processes in the new energy sector, as well as plastic and lightweight technology in the e-mobility sector, demand innovative solutions that we are able to offer," says Maier. The Fellbach company has been granted a patent on its revolutionary AMF-Marker lettering and marking tool, and this illustrates once again the company's strength of innovation.

Technologically the company also wants to influence the market significantly in the automation sector of Industry 4.0. The company sees itself as well equipped for this with the right products, such as clamping modules with a large number of retrieval capabilities. The company management and staff therefore look with confidence to the first year following the anniversary and record turnover.

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