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Hydrogen strategies all over the world

April 2022
Author: MichaelHerrmann
Company: CIMAC e. V.
Hydrogen strategies all over the world

A whole range of very different countries from all over the globe have recognized hydrogen as a trend topic and have therefore presented their own hydrogen strategies. Fifteen countries in Europe alone and the EU itself are on the list, but countries as diverse as India and Colombia, Singapore and Paraquay, Morocco, China and the United Arab Emirates are also on board. Some see their opportunity primarily in the production of hydrogen, hydrogen derivatives and export, others aim to supply hardware, still others want to look after their interests through import.

It is amazing how quickly hydrogen has become such a hot topic. And it is to be hoped that the hydrogen economy will now also develop quickly, because alternative, green fuels that can be used without CO2 emissions are urgently needed, especially in shipping. The CIMAC Greenhouse Gas Strategy Group had a closer look at the issue and has recently published a position paper looking on future marine efuels. Check