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Dormer Pramet Blog

Fire sprinkler system installed in Sumperk

July 2019
Author: Dormer Pramet
Company: Dormer Pramet
Fire sprinkler system installed in Sumperk

A fire extinguishing system has been installed at our production unit in Sumperk, incorporating 12km of pipework across the facility. 

The sprinklers help detect and extinguish a fire during the early stages, protecting key areas, before the emergency services arrive on site. 

As part of the development, a 600m3 water tank has been built, alongside a new control room featuring two diesel pumps to distribute the water around the facility. Only one pump is used at a time, with the other a back-up option if required. 

Also, the fire brigade can connect their hydrants to the control room for a more effective response on arrival to the 13,500sqm site. 

The pumps are tested every week to ensure both are in good working order, with the pipes providing different options depending on their location. The indoor pipes are filled with water, while the outside pipes use air to prevent freezing during the winter months. 

In total, the system features 2,450 sprinkler heads, which include an activation fuse that burst open when exposed to heat. This starts the pumps instant supply of water. 

The installation is the latest investment at Dormer Pramet to improve and enhance our extensive quality, environment, health and safety (QEHS) procedures.