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Dormer Pramet Blog

Helping to Make the Shift

February 2020
Author: Dormer Pramet
Company: Dormer Pramet
Helping to Make the Shift

Dormer Pramet is committed to using new technologies and ways of working to 'Make the Shift' towards a more sustainable business.
Our aim is to lead a change in the metalworking industry and make sustainability a part of every aspect of our company, delivering value for employees, customers and suppliers.
A set of targets have been established under four key headings – Circularity, Climate, People and Fair Play - with the aim to deliver these by 2030.
To support this a list of important actions and objectives are now in place, such as recycling our products and packaging material, reducing waste, lowering our CO2 impact, halving the total recorded injury frequency rate, developing a diverse and inclusive workforce and engaging in community involvement projects.
This initiative follows the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals which feature 17 specific commitments to end extreme poverty, fight inequality and injustice, and fix climate change.
The Dormer Pramet sustainability program will not only help our people and improve the environment in which we work, but it will also provide the foundations for a long-term sustainable business.
Please follow our social media profiles for all the latest activities and projects which support our ‘Make the Shift’ 2030 program.