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New on IndustryArena.com: KERN GmbH Spindel Full-Service

October 2019
Author: Martin Bogun, Editorial staff
Company: IndustryArena GmbH
New on IndustryArena.com: KERN GmbH Spindel Full-Service

KERN GmbH Spindel Full-Service is launching a new premium Newsroom on IndustryArena.com and will keep you up to date on spindle repairs, spindle consulting and spindle services.

Fast, flexible, reliable – these qualities have been ensuring KERN's success in cooperation with customers from all over the world for almost 20 years now. The spindle specialist is focussing on a clear goal: even faster and more efficient repairs and even more durable quality to reduce the rate of machine failure at the customer’s to an absolute minimum.

Often after failed repair attempts, KERN is the last point of contact for customers. This is why it is a matter of finding unconventional and innovative solutions. In these situations, the analytical and technical skills of our core crew and the unique knowledge of the company's founder, Markus Kern, pay off. More than 900 repaired spindles per year and 1500 satisfied customers speak for themselves.

Find out more in the new KERN-Newsroom.

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