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Win a digital maker

July 2013
Author: REDAKTION-01
Company: IndustryArena GmbH
Win a digital maker

As an add-on to our current "user in dialogue" thread,  Hanser-Verlag donated a total of 6 books that allow interested members a closer look behind the scenes of a possible new digital revolution.

We're drawing these books to all members who participate in the discussion.
The organisers decision is final.

What´s your opinion? Please discuss and vote right here: 3D printing or CNC processing?

Learn more about the book in the review by Georg Dlugosch, Chief Editor of CNC-Arena eMagazine:
Chris Anderson, Makers: The New Industrial Revolution
Hanser-Verlag, 2013, 285 pages, € 22,90.
"New territory," said Chancellor Angela Merkel and reaped derisory for her attempt to draw attention to the sweeping changes caused  by the Internet. Networking communication means that everyone can participate. Chris Anderson heads on step further. He leads from bits, digital units, to bricks, components of the real world. This means the Internet of Things, a term which has not yet become quite clear to many.
Anderson revives the American dream of the rise of the dish washer to millionaire again. Nowadays it is the inventor, who is no longer dependent on a company that converts his ideas into reality and markets. He becomes active and developes to an entrepreneur. His grandfather, a Swiss watchmaker and inventor, was an inventor, but not an entrepreneur. He is the first evidence of a chain of examples which tells of the power of the bits and bytes. Accordingly, the U.S. would have to convert to Do-It-Yourself nation.

On the threshold of the next industrial revolution the Internet helps everyone to become a digital Maker. A very dynamic community of like-minded people has developed which works with a fascinating and almost unimaginable power on the implementation of this thought. People help each other and occupy the unimaginable possibilities of communication via the new digital network.
The first low-priced 3D-printers are developed, as the technique can be used with the process of Patent period. There is a huge interest in this kind of generative process all around the world. Certainly, the products have not yet the quality standard of industrially produced parts, but every day new materials and skills are invented. It is an idea which spreads like awildfire around the world.
Chris Anderson, born 1961, is an author and physicist. The author of books and articles was editor in chief of "Wired" magazine until the end of 2012 and now dedicates his life to his passion for the robots.


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