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The encyclopaedia of manufacturing industry is online!

November 2015
Author: C. Saleschke
Company: IndustryArena GmbH
The encyclopaedia of manufacturing industry is online!

Without a doubt the free encyclopaedia Wikipedia is one of the most important resources. Unlike conventional data bases it's free for every reader and is freely available. Inspirated by this example we have created the IndustryArena Wiki, to give an easily access to relevant subjects of manufacturing for everybody. Besides: Who can explain technical terms better, than the experts of the manufacturing industry themselfe?

New terms can be created very easily: Under "search" the desired phrase will be entered. If this does not exist, it can be created and edited at any time again. Providing of texts, photos or other media occurs by a simplified content management system. On this way experiences and knowledge can be collected and documented appropriate for the target group.

All members are very welcome, to create and collect content together!

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